Get in Gear With These Automotive Promo Products

  • Jan 16, 2021

Branding these car-accessory promotional products for a campaign will drive more customers to your business! In the U.S., the average daily work commute is 26 minutes and Americans spend around 38 hours per year stuck in traffic, so there is plenty of time for your customers to notice your brand.  These 6 automotive products will help you shift your marketing efforts into high gear.


Over-Wheel Clipboard

over wheel clipboard

There are plenty of people who work out of their vehicles that could really use these over-wheel clipboards. Adding your logo to the middle will ensure your customers think of your company every day when they get in the car. Plus, this clipboard provides a smooth surface to ensure that their handwriting always looks professional.

Wireless Car Charging Mount

phone holder

Supercharge your sales with this wireless charger that lets your customers power up on the go. This wireless charging mount is the latest in smartphone charging technology and has plenty of room for your logo. Going with a handsfree mount helps your customers keep their hands on the wheel instead of their phone when looking at directions or making a phone call.

License Plate Frame

Custom license plate frames generate thousands of impressions when your customers are in bumper-to-bumper traffic or on long road trips from state to state. Car dealerships can include these on all the cars they sell, or these can be used as giveaways at auto shows, car washes, and auto repair shops.

Car Caddy

car caddy

If your customer has just gotten a new car or wants to keep their current car nice and clean, they’ll want one of these mini trash cans that fit right in their cup holder! Print your logo on the lid of the car caddy and customers will thank your brand every time they are saved from having to throw another piece of trash on the floor of their car.

Ice Scraper

ice scraper

Don’t let your customers get caught in bad weather conditions without one of these ice scrapers! These are essential for any driver that lives in the colder climates and are easy to store in glove compartments, side pockets, or even under the seat. Winter weather usually means low visibility due to snow and ice, but these heavy-duty blades can easily scrape off ice, snow, and frost so your customers can see out of all their windows with ease.


Auto Emergency Kit


For even more protection on the road, give your customers these emergency roadside assistance kits. With automotive essentials like jumper cables, screwdrivers, electrical tape, and first aid items, these kits will help them out of a wide range of dangerous situations.

We’ve got automotive products like these and thousands more! Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you promote your brand!

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