6 Products to Show Your Support for Breast Cancer Awareness

  • Oct 29, 2021

Suppose you're looking for a cause to support to make sure that your business is responsible and giving back to the community. In that case, breast cancer awareness is an excellent choice because it is so prevalent within our community. Breast cancer is one of the most common forms of cancer in women, with nearly 300,000 cases being diagnosed yearly. Unfortunately, it's something that almost everyone has been exposed to at one point in time - whether it's a friend, grandparent, sibling, parent, or relative that has been diagnosed. 

Here are six products you can use to show your brand's support for breast cancer awareness and a few ideas to get you started on your brand's corporate responsibility journey. 



Hosting a benefit banquet for breast cancer awareness? Why not add some Earth-friendliness too!  Hand out these seed paper lapel pins at the door and allow your guests to pin them to their dresses or lapels. When they're done, just take off the metal backing and plant in a garden. Your guests will be able to enjoy the memories of that banquet night when they see gorgeous flowers blooming. 




Not only will you be able to spot your pens a mile away with their hot pink coloring, but you can also let everyone that walks into the front door of your business know that you support breast cancer awareness! These pens are great for receptionists' desks, goodie bags, or to hand out on sales calls.



Do you have clients who regularly give blood, or does your organization have regular blood drives? Stress relievers like the one above make great grippers while you're giving blood and need to increase circulation through those veins! Show your support for breast cancer and for donating blood with this stress reliever! 


Having a hot and cold pack in your home is an absolute must! Especially after you and your organization just completed a charity run for breast cancer awareness! Show your team members appreciation by providing them with a goodie bag full of swag - including these ribbon hot and cold packs. 


Wear a message of support with you 24/7 with these light pink silicone bracelets. Great for the swag bags mentioned above; they're an easy way to show your support for breast cancer awareness no matter where you are. 



Not a bracelet fan? No worries! Keep track of your keys, employee badge, trade show badge, and more with these pink lanyards. Not only will it help keep you from losing your keys or your ID badge, but you'll also be able to proudly show off the cause that you fight for. 

Any of the above items catch your fancy? Give us a call today, and we can get started on providing you everything you need to support breast cancer awareness.  


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